L.A. Institute for Restorative Practices

Carlos Alvarez

Mr. Alvarez holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and is currently working on his Ed. D in counseling psychology. For the past ten years, he has dedicated his professional efforts around facilitating, documenting, and measuring community violence interruption programs. Mr. Alvarez’s diverse experience stems from working with Los Angeles County Probation Gang Intervention youth and family programs, City Of Los Angeles Gang Reduction Youth Development Program, and numerous Los Angles street gang and violence intervention initiatives. For the past five years, Mr. Alvarez has functioned as the dean of top performing charter organization” implementing a restorative emotional intelligent model which has helped reduce yearly suspensions from 22% to less than 2%. He recently obtained a license from the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) to help other restorative practitioners build their skills as conference facilitators. Mr. Alvarez continues to provide pro bono services in the south east cities including parent workshops on child and adolescent behavior, community trauma, teacher and administrator training in restorative skills.

Expertise in:
  • K-12 restorative practice and mediation
  • Forensic Violence Interruption
  • High School Discipline
  • Adolescent Maladaptive Behavior
  • Forensic Restorative

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