How We Started

With over 500,000 plus women on social media hashtagging #metoo in the fall 2017, speaking up about their sexual harassment, assault, and rape experiences, I, too, was one of them. I was 16 years old, and I, too, experienced sexual trauma at the hands of a young man (I trusted). I was in my 20’s, and I, too, was disrespected and harassed by multiple male friends, colleagues, and a supervisor. Because, I, too, was ignorant, uninformed, unprepared, and conditioned into remaining quiet. I believed that it was the norm, that I had no control over the dynamic, and that it might have even been my fault. When I hit my 30s, I took some very conscious steps to educate myself; unsurprisingly, I no longer experienced much harassment. Instead, I developed an empowering relationship with my sexuality, connected to my own body, commanded my own safety, and gained a sense of ownership that allows little room for disrespect or ambiguity. If I had been offered these foundational emotional tools, and the sexual health information during my younger years, it would have saved me decades of preventable pain.

Certain cultural narratives program victims, and survivors, into believing they cannot speak up, and that their body is not their own. If grown adults feel shame when looking at themselves in the mirror, are still unfamiliar with what their body can do, are uncomfortable using accurate medical terminology, how can they cultivate healthy relationships with themselves, and/or establish clear agency in their everyday lives? The limited (or non existing) Sex Education affects us as a whole society. If educators are not delivering our students with clear and comprehensive content to allow for informed choice about sexual health, risk factors, codes of conduct, emotional regulation, consent, and the only models the young have is whatever they fumble upon.... we will continue to experience the reckless, dangerous (cultural) ideations, and horrific rise in sexual violence. Studies have shown that one in four college women has survived rape or an attempted rape in their lifetime. Rape can affect anyone – no matter their race, ethnicity, sex, gender, social class, or sexual orientation. Women around the world, ages 15-44, are more at risk of rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war, and malaria. (U.N.)

As a Leadership Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals in Silicon Valley. Amidst the multitude of factors that contribute to the stress and blockages of executives and professionals, unexpressed, and traumatic sexual energy remains one of the most common challenges. Well trained in both Kundalini and Tantra, the ancient practices connected to our primal life energy, I know what ignorance, disconnection, and shame can do to a person’s physical body and their psyche. I remember what it did to me as a young adult. A non-judgmental, healthy relationship with our bodies, and our sexual health, supports us in the ways we show up as leaders. The same resources, delivered accordingly, provide young adults the tools they need to communicate, effectively, and the confidence to make informed decisions.

Witnessing the increasing rates of sexual violence and STDs on college campuses, working with personal clients the last decade, and being with my own loved ones who have struggled with the debilitating pain of (childhood) sexual trauma that never goes away… “The Magic of Psalm” not-for-profit was birthed. I was moved into action through my own sleepless nights, and heartbreaking moments of sheer helplessness (unable to take anyone's pain away) -- and also from the absolute knowing that with improved programs, comprehensive Sex Ed, devoted educators, and digital platforms to connect and heal (and a lot of hard work), we will be a part of the global solution for future generations. I, personally, dedicate my work to anyone who has ever felt afraid, broken, or sexually traumatized, you are not alone. We are here. May you feel the cooling relief of our commitment and love...

At “The Magic of Psalm”, we believe that education, connection, celebration of voice, story, and song (Psalm), are the key ingredients for wellness and success. Stand with us. We will change this conversation from fear to empowerment.

In humble service,

Lynda Nguyen